Spanish Lifestyle

Life in Marbella has some fantastic attributes, offering you at least 325 days of sunshine throughout the year, this makes living here a beautiful experience.

Marbella is attracting more and more wealthy individuals, including young entrepreneurs and retired couples enjoying the Mediterranean way of life. With some of the best restaurants, shops and golf courses Europe has to offer, buyers from all over the world are coming to live in this wonderful chic environment.

Nightlife glitz and glamour are always top of the list in Marbella. But it has much more to offer, you can find great local Spanish restaurants and tapas bars for the cheaper, more traditional way of Spanish life.

Marbella has the added benefit of being 2 hours from the slopes of Sierra Nevada for your winter skiing, or 1 hour away from the amazing sandy beaches of Tarifa on the Atlantic coast. It really does make for the perfect place to live, with so many different lifestyle options for you to choose from.

Health care is also one of the best in Europe, with many different private care options or the Spanish healthcare system. We have our amazing Costa Del Sol hospital in Marbella, and there is another hospital opening soon in Estepona. There are also many local pharmacies with staff offering the best medical advice, this is no doubt one of the best healthcare systems in Europe.

Local schools are very good; the public schools being Spanish, but with many students from all over the world using them. There is also a large selection of private schools to choose from and some international schools too. For entry into the public schools, it is important to be registered here and have a padron for your local area.

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