Find your Dream Home

When buying a property in Spain, you need to have good honest advice on the kind of property you require. We can help you to find the right property in the right location and for the right price, due to our vast knowledge and experience in this field. It is important to know when buying here your legal costs and other fees, such as taxes and notary fees. We recommend using maximum 2 agencies as we all have access to the same properties on the coast and going to multiple agencies can make the process confusing.

Normally when you find your dream property the first process is to reserve the property with a €6000 reservation which will take the property off the market while our lawyer will do the due diligence on the property, checking all legalities and any outstanding debts the property may have.

Once all this has been taken care of the 10% purchase contract must be signed and paid, this then allows a date to be set at the Notary for completion on your new home.

Our lawyers also take care of the necessary steps to put all the utilities into your name and to be paid from your Spanish bank account. Also providing you with your Spanish Nie number which is an important part of the buying process as you will need this for a bank account and many other things such as applying for loans or finance here in Spain.

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